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ShenZhen SkySun Technology Co.,ltd is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It is committed to solving the problems of car driving safety and security monitoring. Has a strong core technology research and development team, after years of technical research, successfully developed a 24GZ car millimeter-wave radar blind spot monitoring system, and access to a number of national patents.
24GHZ blind spot monitoring variable line auxiliary system using a double-received millimeter-wave radar, when the speed is greater than 10km / h when the system starts work, real-time monitoring of the rear to the vehicle, the rear side of the vehicle monitoring distance of more than 30 meters, 10 meters of motor vehicles for accurate alarm, the static target and non-adjacent lane target does not alarm. This system is not affected by rain and fog weather and night and other environmental impact, cost-effective, monitoring distance, alarm accuracy, the performance indicators have reached the level of similar international products to meet the domestic and foreign vehicle manufacturers and automotive aftermarket market demand.

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